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Organic vegetable  garden _and homegrowing concept , Community kitchen garden_,Eco friendl

Marketing strategies Summary

A restaurant concept that features homegrown herbs and beautiful garden surroundings naturally creates many marketing opportunities.  The primary market strategy is to highlight community patronage through an emphasis of hospitality and convenience to patrons.

The secondary marketing strategy will focus on getting guests to be excited to share the experience with friends and family through word of mouth and through various social media platforms such as instagram and Facebook.  The is plan includes targeting specific groups in the community by attracting attention and interest in various promotions and special events.  Many promotions will dovetail with community events and private celebrations such as anniversaries, birthday and holiday specials.

cooking and barista classes will also be offered to attract interest and promote the brand.

The Garden and outdoor seating will feature targeted focal points to encourage photography and social media sharing.

Internal marketing will focus on hospitality and experience.  Creating better than expected moments and above and beyond service will be part of the culture.


launching the restaurant:


Target customers-People in the local geographic community including Peninsula, River Run and the Pointe County Clubs, davidson students, Davidson Faculty


methods- reach customer base through Social media, targeted mailings, farmers market booth.

Other possible sources of marketing:

  • Digital media

  • Weekly magazines

  • Monthly periodicals


Provide a Local sporting destination

Davidson is at the crossroads of many cycling routes and recreational activities for boating, fishing and regional school events.  The goal is to promote the restaurant as a provisional destination offering welcoming community hospitality which encourages repeat business throughout the day.  Part of the community attraction would also be to provide an area for local cyclist to park, refuel, fill tires and use facilities. An area for streaming sporting events and game day viewing will also be a part of the overall plan in the outer bar area.

Concrete Wall Cafe
Pink Gin Tonic Cocktail with Dried Rose Buds, Purple Lavender and Ice in Glass Cup.jpg

-create instagramable moments with inspiring cocktails

Table setting with empty chairs for party. Table ready for dinner party outdoors in evenin

-make memorable and elegant spaces for sharing on media

-offer holiday promotions and special seasonal events 

Merry Christmas and happy New Year greeting card with copy-space.Many snowmen standing in

-offer promotions for special events

Beautiful decoration for wedding dinner at night .jpg

events to Engage the community:

  • featured chefs

  • cooking classes

  • barista classes

  • charcuterie workshops

  • community group meeting space

  • cycling depot (providing parking, air and water, restrooms

Smiling Chef

more instagramable moments:
Charcuterie building workshops 

Fun Desserts


instagram page, 

posting incentives, 

following incentives


Facebook page, targeted ads, special events promotion

Events calendar

private and public invitations to events, town events calendar


Charcuterie board building Cooking and 

Barista classes

Smores dip prepared with large marshmallows in cast iron pan..jpg





  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
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