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Special Promotions and Holidays

Sponsorship in Christmas in Davidson-a locally event that Annually attracts over 30,000 people over the weekend in early December.

Holiday Greetings
Holiday Greetings
  • have a booth and offer special marketing giveaways such as lightsticks, candles, potted herbs

  • food booth featuring spiced drinks and small sample food items

  • christmas tree contribution supporting local charitable organization.

  • Use this occasion to connect with community leaders- police, fire dept. local town council and administration and have a greater presence in planning.

outdoor string lights hanging on a line in backyard.jpg

Loyalty and rewards party
A yearly Promotional party to invite best patrons, those who tagged and posted the most instagram images,  preferred vendors and others that are deemed marketing assets and contributors to the success of the business.  This is part of the added value concept as opposed to discounting. 

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